Large Fruit & Veggie Box

Large Fruit & Veggie Box


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14-16 best-of-season fruits and veggies. 3-4 people

What's in it?

Bananas - Fair Trade
Bananas - Fair Trade, 1 (Bunch)
The banana has a thick signature yellow peel when perfectly ripe, encasing an ivory cream colored, semi-starchy flesh. Depending on its age, the flavor and aromatics...see more

Plums, 3 (Each)
All plums share three common characteristics: thin skin, a single central pit and a succulent flesh when ripe. Colors vary depending on variety. Fruits can be deep...see more

Papaya, 1 (Each)
Papaya turn greenish-yellow with shades of orange when ripe and contain numerous round, shiny, inedible black seeds in its center cavity. Somewhat similar to a melon,...see more

Eggplant, 2 (Each)
Common Purple eggplant is characterized by its size, shape and coloring. Fruits have a trademark glossy, black-purple skin, are oval and oblong in shape, often growing...see more

Sweet Mini Mixed Peppers
Sweet Mini Mixed Peppers, 1 (12oz approx)
Mini Sweet Bell peppers are thumb size peppers and measure about three inches tall and have a crisp texture. They are sweet and have very few seeds, so they produce...see more

Zucchini Squash
Zucchini Squash, 2 (Each)
The Zucchini squash has a uniformly cylindrical shape with little to no taper from its stem to blossom end. It can be harvested when it is at its baby stage or when...see more

Cilantro, 1 (Each)
Although slightly resembling flat leaf parsley in appearance, cilantro can be distinguished by its unmistakable aroma and flavor. Cilantro offers citrus overtones...see more

Baby Bella Mushrooms
Baby Bella Mushrooms, 1 (8oz approx)
Baby Bella or Cremini mushrooms have a light to dark brown cap with a short white stem. Small brown gills are hidden beneath the cap. The flavor is mild and somewhat...see more

Cara Cara Oranges
Cara Cara Oranges, 3 (Each)
The Cara Cara orange has a trifecta of attributes. It has the initial appearance of a true orange. Its peel is smooth, yet pebbled and when zested releases bright...see more

Ambrosia Apples
Ambrosia Apples, 3 (Each)
The Ambrosia apple is believed to be a cross of a Jonagold and Golden Delicious. All production of Ambrosia apples is done so under license and is regulated by the...see more

Grape Tomatoes (Premium)
Grape Tomatoes (Premium), 1 (Pint)
Red Grape tomatoes are bright to dark red in color with a firm, smooth skin, and a shape similar to that of an olive or grape. Like the cherry tomato, Red Grape...see more

Abate Fetel Pears
Abate Fetel Pears, 2 (Each)
The long, slightly banana-shaped Abate Fetel pears are a yellowish-green with a slight russeting. Their white flesh has a slightly crisp texture and a sweet flavor...see more

Avocados (Larger)
Avocados (Larger), 2 (Each)
The Hass avocado is known for its quintessentially tumbled leathery fairly thick skin that turns near black when fully mature. The flesh closest to the skin is a...see more

Mandarins, 5 (Each)
no description available ...see more

Daikon Radish
Daikon Radish, 1 (Each)
Daikon radish is most often grown for its root, though the green tops are just as edible and versatile. The root of the Daikon radish is cylindrical with a white...see more

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