Small Fruit Only Box

Small Fruit Only Box


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7-9 best-of-season fruits. 1-2 people

What's in it?

Bananas - Fair Trade
Bananas - Fair Trade, 1 (Bunch)
The banana has a thick signature yellow peel when perfectly ripe, encasing an ivory cream colored, semi-starchy flesh. Depending on its age, the flavor and aromatics...see more

Nectarines, 2 (Each)
The nectarine is a rounded fruit with a single central groove. Its smooth skin is blushed with hues of ruby, pink and gold throughout. The flesh is perfumed with...see more

Plums, 2 (Each)
All plums share three common characteristics: thin skin, a single central pit and a succulent flesh when ripe. Colors vary depending on variety. Fruits can be deep...see more

Honeydew Melon
Honeydew Melon, 1 (Each)
no description available ...see more

Tommy Atkins Mangoes (Small)
Tommy Atkins Mangoes (Small), 2 (Each)
Like the Kent variety, Tommy Atkins finds its origin in Florida. It is at present, the most widely grown commercial variety exported to the United States. Tommy...see more

Mini Watermelon
Mini Watermelon, 1 (Each)
The Personal watermelon is the product of a desire to create a watermelon that grows to a more practical and approachable size at maturity. Other than its size,...see more

Cotton Candy Grapes
Cotton Candy Grapes, 1 (14oz)
Cotton Candy® grapes look like your average green grape: oval-shaped, plump and firm. Their taste, however, is something entirely different. The flavor of these...see more

Strawberries, 1 (1lb Pack)
Strawberries have an overall conical heart shape and can vary in size depending upon cultivar and growing conditions. All varieties of Strawberries have seeds on...see more

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