Why Choose Us

In a Nutshell

Just Organics @ The Honey Tree delivers fresh, certified organic produce to your door every Wednesday and Thursday (weekly or bi-weekly) along with great Marketplace add-ons. Become A Box customer and get savings on all your Vitamins, Health & Beauty items.  We're 100% locally owned and offer a different experience from most delivery companies -- we live and work in the community we serve and love the personal connection we have with our customers. Our best-of-season boxes are customizable and you can pause, skip or cancel delivery anytime. There's no money up front, no long term commitment and everything we deliver comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.

100% Organic

All the fruits and veggies we offer in our boxes are 100% certified USDA Organic.

**note where specified  and for those who choose** We support  our local "Organically Grown" but not USDA certified farmers that must be pesticide free and inspected. We are committed to growing a  Local , Clean farming community. 

No Commitments

There are no commitments..There's no money up front and you only pay for the boxes you receive. If you want to change or skip an order, you can do so with the click of a button from our website – no lengthy phone calls required.

Complete Control

Use our amazing website to set your likes and dislikes – if you don't like it, then we won't put it in your box. And, you can make an unlimited number of substitutions for each delivery. Talk about box customization!

Real, Local

Give us a call, we love to talk.. and we live right here. No out-of-state headquarters for us!

Happiness Guarantee

Everything we deliver is 100% guaranteed! So, if there's ever anything that doesn't meet your expectations, just let us know and we'll happily apply a hassle-free credit to your account.

Variety and Quality

We are not farmers, we are a specialized delivery service. And since we don't have our own farm, our selections are not limited to what we grow. We offer lots of variety (based on seasonal availability) as well as the basic provisions you need every week. And we only pick the best stuff. If it's not great, we won't put it in your box!

Produce Handling

Most grocery stores operate under the assumption that customers are more likely to buy produce if it's from a fully stocked display. This assumption leads to overstocking, as well as damage to items on the bottom of those perfectly constructed produce pyramids. Supermarkets need to keep displays fully stocked with whatever customers want at any time so they don't run to a competitor. This model leads to enormous waste (estimated at between 10% and 30%) and that wastage becomes an added cost for the consumer. In a retail store, the average piece of produce sits on the shelf for 4 to 7 days and has been touched by many people!


We receive our fruits and veggies within 24 to 48 hours before we deliver them to you. So, unlike a retail store, the produce doesn't sit around – it's absolutely as fresh as possible.


Because we're a subscription service, we know pretty much exactly how much produce we need each week. As a result, we have very little wastage, we keep our overheads low and we pass those savings onto you.