Juice Friendly Box

Juice Friendly Box


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A box full of the most popular fresh organic fruits and veggies perfect for juicing.

What's in it?

Celery, 2 (Stalk)
Celery can grow to optimal heights from 18" to 24". It has wide parsley-like green leaves and thick, juicy, ribbed stalks that join at a common base above the...see more

Cucumbers, 3 (Each)
Cucumbers are cylindrical in shape, around 6-8 inches in size and have a dark green skin. The skin is somewhat ribbed in appearance with small bumps and nodes. The...see more

Ginger Root
Ginger Root, 1 (5.5oz approx)
Ginger is a knobby, multiple “fingered” rhizome with light to dark tan skin with occasional rings. The thickness of the skin depends on whether the rhizome...see more

Kale, 2 (Bunch)
The standard Kale is a curled green variety. It is hardy and fibrous when fully mature, yet tender enough to be used as a raw salad green when young. The pale green...see more

Carrots , 2 (lb approx)
Carrots can be shades of orange, yellow, purple and white. Their flesh is snappy and crisp. Their flavors, quintessentially earthy and sweet with notes of celery....see more

Baby Spinach - loose
Baby Spinach - loose, 2 (5 oz approx)
Triple Washed Baby Spinach is bright green with gently rounded leaves like that of the bowl of a spoon, hence the name. The chewy texture of the young leaves is...see more

Beets - Without Tops
Beets - Without Tops, 1 (1.5lb approx)
no description available ...see more

Kanzi Apples
Kanzi Apples, 2 (Each)
Kanzi apples are available as replacement for Granny Smith Kanzi apples look like a classic example of this fruit—round, medium in size, and deep red or red-yellow/red-orange...see more

Lemons , 1 (Each)
Choice Lemons have external blemishes, but flavor and internal quality are similar to Fancy....see more