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Lady Alice Apples

Lady Alice Apples


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Lady Alice apples tend to be round and squat in shape. The skin is striking—striped pink or red on a yellow-orange background. The crisp, juicy flesh is generally sweet with an aftertaste that runs to tart; some have compared it to Honeycrisp. 

The Lady Alice apple is available mid-winter through early spring. 

Lady Alice, a new apple variety (Malus domestica) is making a wave with consumers when it can be found.

Apples are high in several key nutrients, including potassium, and Vitamin C. They also contain a specific source of fiber called pectin, along with the antioxidants quercetin, catechin, and chlorogenic acid. 

As an all-purpose apple, the Lady Alice is great for a wide range of applications. Its flavor and texture make it a good choice for a snack, or cut up raw into salads, especially since it does not brown easily when exposed to air. This apple's firm texture also means it holds up well when baked.

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