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Vidalia Onions (Small/Med)

Vidalia Onions (Small/Med)


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Vidalia onions are rounded with flat bottoms, and have a pale copper-gold, thin parchment-like skin with a milky, semi-translucent white flesh. They are predominantly considered the sweetest onion variety. Their delicate sweetness can be attributed to the region's mild climate, sandy and low sulfur soil, exclusive seed varieties and farming practices. 

Vidalia onions are available from late April through late June. 


Vidalia onions, botanical name Allium cepa, are a short day, sweet yellow granex hybrid variety. Short day varieties are considered fresh-eating onions and although the Vidalia can be stored for up to six month in controlled air storage conditions, they are best suited to be stored and eaten within three months. 


Vidalia onions can be used in all onion preparations because of their high sugar content. Complimentary ingredients include butter, cardamon, celery, chicories, cloves, curry, foods cooked over a wood-fire, foods rich in umami such as mushrooms, yeasty breads, seaweed, ripe cheeses and braised meats, roasted nuts, asparagus, pineapple, shelling beans, smoked fish, pickled vegetables, citrus and chiles. 


Vidalia onions are the official state vegetable of Georgia. Each Spring, Vidalia hosts a five day festival celebrating its native onion and its culinary attributes.

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