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Green Romanesco cauliflower produces almost florescent lime-green heads with tightly-beaded pointed florets that resemble individual spiraling cauliflower castles. Crunchy and nutty, this unique cauliflower offers a sweeter and milder flavor than regular white cauliflower. 

Green Romanesco cauliflower is available in the spring and fall months. 

A botanical dilemma, this gorgeous edible has caused much confusion about its true parentage. Is it broccoli...or cauliflower...or a cross between the two? Sometimes called Romanesco broccoli and sometimes called Romanesco cauliflower in North America, the French call it Romanesco cabbage while the Italians refer to it as broccolo Romanesco. Romanesco is botanically classified as Brassica oleracea, in the Botrytis group. 

Broccoli romanesco can be prepared like cauliflower or broccoli. Separate florets and blanche briefly, then toss with hot pasta and cheese. Boil romanesco florets until tender, then puree with garlic, cream and parmesan. Saute florets in a hot skillet, the stir in a mixture of miso, red pepper, anchovy, almonds and water. Blanch romanesco and cauliflower florets, then combine with grated cheese and bechemel, stuff filling in cannelloni shells, top with tomato sauce and bake. To store, place in a plastic bag; refrigerate. Use within two to three days for optimum quality. 

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