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Bi-Color Corn

Bi-Color Corn


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Sweet. Succulent. Sugary. Super! Measuring seven to eight inches in length, these incredibly tender tasty ears boast plump juicy kernels of yellow and white. Love at first bite clear to the end. 

For fullest flavor, boil or grill no more than two minutes. Dazzle corn lovers with exceptional flavored corn. Chefs consider this outstanding variety very gourmet! To store, keep refrigerated. 

 Bi-colored corn is also known as bread and butter corn or calico corn. 

 Developing optimal sweetness in the heat of warm climates and requiring warm soil and consistent moisture, corn plants can reach seven feet in height and mature in about seventy-six days. Encased in rich dark green husks, the ears must be allowed to fully mature before harvesting in order to produce the very best flavor. Generally, after the corn silk makes its welcome appearance and then waiting about three weeks, the corn silk should have turned brown and gotten brittle before checking kernels via a gentle squeeze to see if they are abundant with a luscious milky liquid. Although it took a while to perfect, this exceptional corn was bred to give the corn fan the best of both worlds blending the luscious sweetness of white corn and the full-bodied flavor of yellow corn. 

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