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Sweet Onions

Sweet Onions


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The sweet yellow onion usually weighs between 8 and 16 ounces. It is considered to be a large variety and has as globular shape. The outer skin of the Sweet yellow onion is firm and offers a crisp juicy inner flesh. The Sweet yellow onion, as the name suggests, is sweet and offers pungent onion flavor. 

Sweet yellow onion is available year-round. 

Onions are ubiquitous in cuisines worldwide. They are used as an aromatic, to flavor stocks and enhance savory dishes but may also be prepared on their own. Hollow out onion cavities and stuff with meat, cheeses and bake. Top burgers and sandwiches with grilled onions slices. Slowly caramelize diced onion and add to cream cheese and sour cream for a side dip. Layer onion slices and tomatoes in a pastry shell and bake for a savory tart. Cover wedges with cream, cheese and fresh herbs, then bake into a gratin. Slowly cook sliced onion in vegetable or beef broth and top with croutons and gruyere for a classic French onion soup. Batter and deep fry onion rings for a homemade appetizer. Yellow onions will keep in cool, dark, dry storage for many weeks. 

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