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Organic French Lentils

Organic French Lentils

$4.99/15oz Bag

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SHILOH FARMS French Lentils have a delicate, peppery flavor best paired with assertive flavorings. Considered among the best lentils available, these hold their shape well and remain firm after cooking, making them ideally suited for use in salads and long-cooking stews.  

Also known as lentilles du Puy, French Lentils are so named because they were originally cultivated in the rich volcanic soils of the Le Puy region in France. Today, these choice lentils are grown in North America and Italy as well.  

High in B Vitamins and a variety of minerals (including potassium, zinc, folate, iron, and magnesium), lentils are behind only soybeans among legumes in their protein content by mass!

To Cook: Due to their small size, lentils cook much faster than dried beans and do not require pre-soaking. To cook, first sort and thoroughly rinse lentils. Add 1 part lentils to 2 parts water and bring to a boil, then lower heat to simmer. Cook until tender, about 45 minutes.

Lentils must not be overcooked or they will become soft and mushy. Test frequently during cooking, then come to your own decision when they are tender and taste "done." Remember, intended use dictates desired tenderness. It is better to cook lentils to a firm stage for salads, freezing, and longer-cooking recipes. If you plan to puree or mash the lentils, cook until very soft.

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