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Red Bartlett Pears

Red Bartlett Pears


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The Red Bartlett pear is a vivid red, has an off-white flesh with a sweet taste and smooth texture. Like their green counterparts, the Red Bartlett has a “true” pear shape and taste. They also change slightly in color from a dark red, often with light vertical stripes, to a bright red. Ready to eat when slightly soft to the touch the Red Bartlett and Bartlett pears are identical in taste and texture, the only difference is their color. 

Red Bartlett pears are available year-round; however their peak season is during the fall and winter months. 

Red Bartlett pears are often called “summer pears” because they are the first variety of pear to be harvested in August. Red Bartlett pears are botanically classified as Pyrus communis and are also known as “Max Reds”. Pears are members of the rose family. 

Red Bartlett pears add color to salads and cheese plates and are often selected for their contrasting color. They can be enjoyed fresh, out-of-hand or used to make crisps, butters, muffins and cakes. Red Bartlett pears make great preserves, sauces, syrups and chutneys. Pears are considered a great alternative to apples in many dishes. To ripen let sit at room temperature for a few days or in a paper bag to expedite the process, ripe Red Bartlett pears keep best in the refrigerator. 

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