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Red Anjou Pears

Red Anjou Pears


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Red Anjou pears have a slight egg shape, rotund at the base with a neck that grows thinner towards the stem. The skin of a Red Anjou pear can be as dark as maroon, a rust-colored red or a lighter, crimson red with occasional striations. Red Anjou pears have a soft, juicy flesh with a mild flavor. The flavor peaks around 2 months after harvest. 

Red Anjou pears are available year-round, except for a short time in late summer. 

Red Anjou pears are a European pear variety, botanically known as Pyrus communis. They are the red relatives of Green Anjou pears, the only true difference being the color of the fruit’s skin. The ruby-colored pears are known as Red D’Anjou or Red Danjou, the name D’Anjou in French means “of” or “from” referring to the pear’s place of origin: Angers, France. 

Red Anjou pears are most often used for their color first, then for their taste and texture. They lend a hint of color to green salads and fruit baskets. Red Anjou pears are nicely suited to poaching in either red or white wine with a touch of cinnamon. Red Anjou pears ripen at room temperature, several days after purchase; refrigerate when ripe for just a few days. To store, keep un-ripened fruit refrigerated for up to two months. 

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