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Concorde Pears

Concorde Pears


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Concorde pears get their true pear shape, a long narrow neck and round bottom, from its parent pear the Conference. The flesh is a vibrant green with an occasional red blush or brown russeting. From the Comice pear, the Concorde inherited its vanilla aroma and sweet, juicy flavor. Concorde pears have a dense white flesh that won’t brown right away. When ripe, a Concorde pear is still firm. To determine whether it is ready to eat, gently push on the stem; if it gives, the pear is ready to eat. 

Concorde pears are available through the fall and winter months. 

The Concorde pear is botanically classified as Pyrus communis, and is a cross between a Comice and Conference pear. It is sometimes confused with the Conference pear because of the very similar shape and size. The colors can be markedly different and the stem of a Concorde pear is not typically as straight as that of a Conference. 

Concorde pears retain their shape when cooked, so they are ideal for baking, poaching and grilling. The pears make nice additions to salads or cheese boards because they do not oxidize right away. Top cakes and tarts or pair with pork tenderloin or a strong blue cheese. The dense flesh is also good for making jams. 

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