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Navel Oranges

Navel Oranges


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The Navel orange is a ubiquitous orange variety. It has the quintessential orange, smooth but pebbled and easy-to-peel skin with a trademark "belly button" at its stem end. Its translucent yellow orange flesh is perfectly segmented, seedless and rich with sweet juices. 

California Navel oranges are typically available winter through spring. 

There are over 50 different navel orange varieties. The most common and important variety is the Washington Navel orange. The Washington navel provides parentage to most of the navel varieties available in the commercial and non-commercial citrus landscape. There is only one surviving original parent Washington navel tree still producing fruit today in Riverside, California. 

Navel oranges are one the most popular, fresh-eating varieties. Sweet and easy-to-peel, they may be segmented and used as a salad ingredient or in baked goods. Pair with dried fruits, nuts, onions, olives, cheeses, fresh herbs, bananas and berries. Use juice and zest to flavor syrups, curds and doughs. Navel oranges will keep, refrigerated, for up to two weeks. 

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