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Cotton Candy Grapes

Cotton Candy Grapes


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Cotton Candy® grapes look like your average green grape: oval-shaped, plump and firm. Their taste, however, is something entirely different. The flavor of these seedless grapes is unmistakably just like cotton candy. It is amazingly sweet, with a higher Brix level than the average green table grape and a texture that almost crunches. There is very little tartness, which holds the sweetness on the tongue, and a finish with hints of vanilla. 

Cotton Candy® grapes are available in the summer. 

Cotton Candy® grape is the registered name given to these uniquely flavored grapes developed by The Grapery® of Bakersfield, CA in conjunction with International Fruit Genetics, a Southern California breeding program. The grapes embody the sugary sweet flavor of the county fair and circus staple. The flavors of a Concord-like grape were combined with the firm, crisp qualities of a Vitis vinifera variety to create the Cotton Candy® grape. These “designer fruits” are a successful example of old-fashioned hand pollination, and painstaking breeding selection without the use of additives or GMO’s. 

Like other green grape varieties, Cotton Candy® grapes are a good source of vitamins A, C and K. 

Cotton Candy® grapes were created as a table grape, to be enjoyed fresh out of hand. They are an appealing sweet snack for kids, and are a healthy alternative to sugary candy. Due to their low acid content and vanilla-like flavor, they are most suitable for sweet applications. When used raw they are an excellent crunchy addition to fruit salads. When roasted, their flavor intensifies and develops a rich caramelized flavor pairing well with both desserts and salty cheeses.

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