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SweeTango Apples

SweeTango Apples


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SweeTango™ apples are medium sized with bright red skin and a hint of yellow blush. They are covered in lenticels, or pores in the skin allowing oxygen to pass through to the flesh. The more lenticels present on the skin, the sweeter the apple. SweeTango™ apples are very sweet, as their name implies, yet they also have the tart flavor reminiscent of many apples. They are sweeter than parent apple Honeycrisp and have a texture that resonates with an audible sound when eaten. The extra crisp and crunch comes from overly large cells in the stark white flesh of the SweeTango apple. The cells burst when the apple is bitten and the result is a very juicy bite. 

SweeTango™ apples are available for a short time in the early fall. 

The SweeTango™ apple is a new “managed” variety, meaning the growers are selected and overseen by a consortium that determines where the apples can be grown, marketed and sold. It is a trademarked variety from the same breeders that brought us the Honeycrisp apple. 

The SweeTango™ apple is best for eating fresh, out-of-hand, though its flavor and texture are well-suited for tarts, pies and muffins. Add SweeTango™ apples to a Waldorf salad for an extra bit of sweetness and crunch. These apples make beautiful center-pieces because of the intense red and yellow color of the skin. 

SweeTango™ is a cross between a Honeycrisp apple and a Zestar apple.

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