Mango Salsa

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Source: Chef ZZ

10 Mins
Mango Salsa

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


1 or 2 Ripe Mangoes (diced finely) about 1 ½ cups 

3-4 Sweet Mini Mixed Peppers (diced finely)

2 Tbsp Red Onion (minced or diced) 

3 Tbsp Fresh Lime Juice 

Spice to taste

3 Tbsp Fresh Cilantro (finely chopped) 

½ Jalapeno (minced) * more or less depending on your taste 

1 tsp sea salt 

½ tsp garlic powder


Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together until fully combined .  

If you prefer a more smooth salsa you can make this in a food processor , pulse on low until you get the texture you want. 

Serve with Chips or as a topping for tacos! 


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