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Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Zoodles


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Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Zoodles

This delicious, simple gluten-free recipe comes from our friend Chef Nicole Latorre at Eat Clean Org.


2 organic red peppers

2 organic zucchini

2 organic garlic cloves

3 ounces of organic goat cheese

extra virgin olive oil

sea salt

fresh ground pepper


Turn oven on broil. Lay wax paper or tin foil on a sheet pan. 

Place red peppers on pan, drizzle with olive oil and season with sea salt & pepper. 

Cook until charred on the top and soft.

Remove from oven, let cool and de-seed.

Remove stems & transfer softened peppers to a vitamix or other blender. 

Add in goat cheese, garlic cloves and more sea salt & pepper to taste.

Blend until purees into a creamy red pepper sauce.

Using a hand spirializer or a kitchen aid attachment, make zucchini noodles. 

Toss zoodles in sauce and serve!


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